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One-Stop Solution For All Your Services Provider around your Local Area and find 100% Clients Satisfaction

servicesewa.com is the most preferred local based services and fastest-growing startup in kathmandu by thousands of home and office to providing Door to Door Step service with many consumers. We provide housekeeping and office service for Repair and Maintenance work which be contained in Plumbers, Laptop Repair, iPhone Repair,Tablet Repair, Electricians, Cleaning, Carpenters and Pest Control service Residential and Business in kathmandu surrounding areas Lalitpur, Bhaktapur Nepal

Why Choose us?

3+ Benefits of repairing & services to Home and Office

High Quality & Trusted Professionals

We provide trusted expert verified and high quality professionals team.

Best Prices Guaranteed

We provide best home and office repairing services in a very affordable price.

Door to Door Step Services

We are well known for Hassle Free home and office repair service on time.

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